Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 3 May, 2012

Summary report of the SF e-meeting, 3 May, 2012

    This document is the summary report of the Stakeholder Forum e-meting, 3 May, 2012. It presents key discussion and actions points decided at this meeting.


A. Information about WP activities and SAG involvement

1) Pilot in

  • WP7 – HTA early scientific advice pilots coordinated by HAS
  • WP5 – Pilot, development of guidelines, model for rapid REA and collaboration with EMA
  • WP4 – Screening model 2nd public draft available
    • Two Core HTAs coming to end
    • Policies for the use of the Core Model soon ready for comments

2) Selecting technologies and recruiting volunteer technology sponsors for pilots

B. General information and updates

1) EU Directive 2011/24 Article 15 next steps

2) JA2 update – SF participation and involvement

  • A letter received from SF organisations on April 26, 2012 was attached

3) EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly Lisbon

  • SF participation
  • Agenda (for information)

4) Bilateral contacts with the SF members/participants

  • Meeting with EFPIA on March 29 2012
  • Meeting with EPF on June 14 2012

5) HTAi 2012 Annual Meeting- June 23-27, in Bilbao, Spain, EUnetHTA participation

C. Other issues

1) Meetings

  • Planned SF face to face meeting in Venice, September 3, 2012
  • Next SF e-meeting, November 12, 2012

2) EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum Update e-newsletter (two-way communication channel)

20120503EUnetHTASF e-meeting summary_final.pdf

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