Project WP6 – HTA and Health Policy

Project WP6 – HTA and Health Policy


  • To get a systematic overview of the relations between HTA and healthcare policy making in selected Member States and the EU representing different health systems, remuneration systems, etc, and to classify and analyse common characteristics of the relations
  • To improve the responsiveness of HTA to the demands of the HTA consumers with the purpose of promoting HTA as policy input
  • To show concrete use of HTAs in policy making in MemberStates and the EU
  • To position HTA in relation to other relevant sources of input to health policy making and to regulatory processes
  • To support improved responsiveness by building a sustainable open forum for EUnetHTA to exchange views, expectations and feedback on HTA with HTA stakeholders.


  • A book describing
    (a) the policy structures and policy processes related to the production and use of HTAs in policy making in selected Member States and the EU (Update and extension of the HTA Europe Project)
    (b) the demands to HTA from health care and clinical policy makers in Member States and the EU
    (c) the actual handling of EUnetHTA prototype HTA in Member States and in the EU
  • The establishment of a EUnetHTA stakeholder Forum with stakeholder conference Closely coordinated with neighbouring WPs – especially WP4, WP5, and WP7 and with WP2.


Lead Partner


Danish Health and Medicines Authority

Axel Heides Gade 1

2300 Copenhagen


Telephone: +45 7222 8532

Fax: +45 7222 7411

DHMA 2014 Annual Report (in Danish)

Formal policy to handle conflict of interest in place: YES
Formal policy to handle confidential information in place: YES

Associated Partners

AETSAAVALIA-TCAST, DenmarkCochrane Collaboration, UKDIMDIDSI, DenmarkEl SCS, Canary IslandsFinOHTAGalician HTA, SpainHIQAKCENIJZNIPHNO (formerly NOKC)OECD, FranceTechnische Universität, GermanyUCSCUETSUniversity of Bremen, GermanyUniversity of IcelandUTAZIN

Collaborating partners

AHRQ, USACEDIT, FranceCouncil of Europe, FranceDZPHG, GermanyGIN, GermanyHEN, WHOHTA Unit, Aarhus University Hospital, DenmarkHTAi, CanadaHVBIMM, PortugalINAHTA, SwedenIQWIGOECD, FranceSNHTAUniversity of Iceland

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