OTCA26 Obesity Surgery Project – Final Assessment now available

OTCA26 Obesity Surgery Project – Final Assessment now available

The final report is now available for the Relative Effectiveness Assessment OTCA26 “Surgical procedures for treatment of obesity”.

The aim of this multi-technology HTA was to assess the comparative effectiveness (and possible superiority) and safety of different surgical treatments for adult patients with obesity (AGB, SG, RYGB, D-RYGB, OAGB, BPD-DS, BPD,SASI, SADI-S). Only data from head-to-head comparisons of surgical procedures were included.
While bariatric surgery may decrease the risk of premature death and other morbidities, the effectiveness and safety of different surgical procedures may differ. This assessment and network meta-analysis includes evidence from randomised controlled trials comparing different surgical procedures for treatment of obesity all with a follow up longer than 12 months.

​Access the Assessment, Project Plan, and related documentation here:

OTCA26 – Final Assessment 

OTCA26 – Comments from External Experts

OTCA26 – Final Project Plan

OTCA26 – Collated Responses to External Experts Comments

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