EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly 2015 – Summary report

EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly, 28-29 May 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark . Summary report and appendices. Find the full summary report below. Appendix A_20150528-29_EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly_FINAL Appendix B_SEED_Update on ED_for PA_2015 Appendix C_HTA NETWORK_EUnetHTA PA2015_Final Appendix D_EUnetHTA approach Spanish Network Appendix E_KCE national uptake core model Appendix F_Stakeholder Lessons learned Appendix G_Group 1 Appendix H_Group 2 Appendix I_Group […]

Appendix B: EUnetHTA PA meeting, 2014 Summary report

Appendix B for the EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly meeting, 10-11 April 2014, summary report. Find the full summary report of the Plenary Assembly meeting, 10-11 April, 2014 here. Appendix B_HTA Network Presentation

EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly meeting, April 10-11, 2014, Madrid, Spain – report

The EUnetHTA Plenary Assembly Summary of Discussions, April 10-11, 2014, Madrid, Spain. Please find all appendices for the summary report just below. The summary report can be found at the bottom of this page. Appendix A: General Presentation Appendix B: HTA Network Presentation Appendix C: Group members Appendix D: Green group report Appendix E: Orange […]

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